Most complete and stable TFS server-side tool suite

Extend TFS with a single installation with essential features for Work Items, Cube, Team Project cre...

Many essential Work Item automation rules

Additional work item rules such as aggregation across hierarchies, suspect links, state switch on pa...

No custom development or deployment effort

Simple adaptive setup for automated, stress-free deployments in any standard Team Foundation Server ...

Your reliable platform for Microsoft Visual Studio Team Foundation Server (TFS):

TFSASAP is a reliable platform for advanced administration and extensions of Microsoft’s Team Foundation Server. It serves as a central management location for server-side event-based and scheduled automations such as aggregations as well as administrative extensions such as self-service team project creation and configuration web pages. TFSASAP is a proven product that will be continuously adapted for future updates and releases of TFS. Please contact us for more information about the subscription and maintenance options.

Volker Kahl

Development Lead, Agentur Grunwald, Munich, Germany
"TFS ASAP helps us in a brilliant way to support our company wide ISO processes across all departments with intelligent data exchange and aggregation."

Hubertus Wurm

ALM Consultant
"The advantages of a proven solution versus a custom development effort are obvious: instant access, stability, existing functionality, focus on core tasks, secure investment. Using TFS ASAP, I could accomplish many of my tasks really effective and in a sustainable manner."

Oliver Marx

TFS Responsible, Philips Medical, Boeblingen, Germany
“We are using TFS ASAP Enterprise Edition with custom extensions to support the development activities of new products. TFS ASAP has significantly increased the efficiency of server-side customizations to our needs.“

Value Propositions

  • Most complete and stable TFS server-side tool suite
  • Many essential Work Item automation rules
  • Simplification of TFS event and job administration
  • No custom development or deployment effort
  • Robust platform
  • Load balancing support
  • Scheduled automation rules
  • Adaptable
  • Consistency check
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