The most complete and stable Team Foundation Server (TFS) server-side tool suite

Client-side process customizations in TFS may be limited and may involve installing custom tools on each user workstation. With TFS ASAP, only a single server-side installation is necessary. It provides lots of rules that improve work item handling for all users – without any further deployments.

  • Reliably react on events such as Work Item changed
  • Many essential Work Item automation rules out-of-the-box
  • Simplification of TFS event and job administration based on a single web page
  • Continuously extended to support new TFS features and updates

Rely on a stable and proven platform. TFS ASAP has been developed for more than 3 years and provides rich administration and user functionality. Save the money of implementing event-plugins yourself and order your license for TFS ASAP now!


Price: 1450€ per license + 500€ per year for Software Assurance (SA) Get trial license
TFSASAP Standard
"We're using work items heavily..." 4400€ per license + 1600€ SA per year Get trial license
TFSASAP Enterprise
"We want to create custom plugins..." Price: On demand Get trial license
A license is necessary per app-tier of your TFS instance.
One license per app-tier
Yes Yes  
Install TFS ASAP on any number of app-tiers for a dedicated TFS instance.
Unlimited app-tiers
As long as the maintenance fee is paid, all updates of TFS ASAP are provided.
Future Updates included
Yes Yes Yes
A web page is provided which allows switching rules on or off for team project collections and team projects.
Web-based administration
Yes Yes Yes
Aggregation of numeric field across hierarchies with operations: Add, Multiply.
Rule: Numeric Aggregation
Yes Yes
Aggregation of Boolean values (Yes/No or True/False) with operations: And, Or
Rule: Boolean aggregation
Yes Yes
Track efforts with Current Work and Work Date for a distinct date (not only for current date).
Rule: Current Work Automation
Yes Yes
Increases completed work when remaining work is decreased.
Rule: Remaining Work Automation
Yes Yes Yes
Sets work items into suspect state in case related or parent work items change. Automatically creates navigation links between items that might affect each other after change.
Rule: Suspect links
Yes Yes
Automatically proceeds the state of parent work items in case all children are closed.
Rule: State changes in parent work
Yes Yes
Sends users a daily mail based on the results of a work item query. Avoid thousands of alert mails on work item changes. Rather rely on a daily summary.
Rule: Scheduled work item e-mail report
Yes Yes
At regular intervals, TFS ASAP checks for consistent work items based on the activated rules.
Rule: Consistency check
Yes Yes Yes
Copies a specified Area Path level to a custom field in order to work with rules based on Area Path
Rule: Classification Copy
Yes Yes
Executes numerical calculations for values from different fields into one field within the same work item. Supported: Addition, Multiplication and Subtraction
Rule: Numeric Calculation
Yes Yes
Extends the numeric calculation with source field severity and threshold.
Rule: Advanced Numeric Calculation
Yes Yes
The destroy work item automation is used to tidy up your project. This automation will help you to delete this kind of work item. Based on a user defined work item query the artifacts to delete will be selected and deleted afterwards.
Rule: Destroy Work Item Automation
Yes Yes
When a task is finished you can set the remaining work for this work item to zero.
Rule: Set Remaining Work to Zero
Text Aggregation means that values of linked work items, which contain text values (plain text or html), can be aggregated. For text aggregations there is no specific aggregation type. Values can be aggregates from one parent to multiple children in the opposite direction. The aggregation will always overwrite the existing value in the target fields.
Rule: Text Aggregation
Yes2015 RTM Yes2015 RTM
The Create Work Item on CheckIn Automation is used to automatically create Work Items associated with Changesets.
Rule: Create Work Item on CheckIn
Yes2013.5 Yes2013.5
TFS ASAP fully supports load-balancing based on TFS app tiers.
Load balancing support
Yes Yes Yes
Adapt the rules to your custom process templates by central configuration.
Adaptable configuration
Yes Yes Yes
Create your own plugins in C# based on the TFS ASAP API and extend the stable and reliable platform with your custom rules.
Create your own plugins
In order to help you with deployment, configuration or customization, we can provide further support. Please contact us for further pricing details.(*additional costs apply)
Additional support* available
Upon request Upon request Upon request
Explanation for Add-On Global lists
Add-On: Global Lists
Upon request Upon request
Contains the following views which can be integrated into the work item form: full hierarchy, timesheet, query results
Work Item Extensions
Yes Yes Yes
Contains a view which shows the latest test results of a particular test case from any test plans which contain the test case.
Test Result Extensions
  Yes Yes
Support for Automations triggered by the completion event of XAML builds and team builds (Build vNext)
Build Completion Event for custom Automation *NEW*

Product Reviews

Volker Kahl

Development Lead, Agentur Grunwald, Munich, Germany
"TFS ASAP helps us in a brilliant way to support our company wide ISO processes across all departments with intelligent data exchange and aggregation."

Oliver Marx

TFS Responsible, Philips Medical, Boeblingen, Germany
“We are using TFS ASAP Enterprise Edition with custom extensions to support the development activities of new products. TFS ASAP has significantly increased the efficiency of server-side customizations to our needs.“

Hubertus Wurm

ALM Consultant
"The advantages of a proven solution versus a custom development effort are obvious: instant access, stability, existing functionality, focus on core tasks, secure investment. Using TFS ASAP, I could accomplish many of my tasks really effective and in a sustainable manner."